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About us

We are a proud, third-generation Australian family owned business.

Competing against some of the biggest multinationals in the world, we are still Australia’s No. 1 Pure Coffee brand* and are recognised as the pioneers of the Australian coffee industry.

Since 1947, we’ve been building brands into internationally recognised household names like Vittoria Coffee, Jarlsberg Cheese and Santa Vittoria Mineral Water.

We are a fast-moving, innovative, market-leading business with a strong entrepreneurial culture. We only look at our competitors to ensure we can act differently. 

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Roasting locally 
in Australia 
since 1958* 


Australia's No.1
pure coffee


We are a
top 200
private business


family owned
and operated 
since 1947


global footprint
extends to over
20 countries 

Our Mission

Building brands in step together with our customers for greater profit. 

An ancient military formation, the "Phalanx Strategy", is used to symbolise our Mission Statement. The brands are our shields and offer protection while we all move forward in step together. And the strategy dictates that as a group, people are a far greater force than as individuals.

Following our mission statement enables us to achieve our purpose and make a positive difference in the lives of people we connect with.

We pride ourselves on building relationships with our trading partners. From our association with award winning restaurants, leading cafés and prestigious hotels, to our partnerships with supermarkets, overseas distributors and suppliers, we approach every partner as an opportunity to grow together and share in the success of our brands.


"Building brands in step together with our customers for greater profit."

Vittoria Food & Beverage Mission Statement

We aren’t just experts in coffee. Our brand stable includes loved brands in other categories including Santa Vittoria Mineral Water, Jarlsberg Cheese and Queen Victoria Tea.


Join us
for a coffee!

Our company's success has been through the combined efforts, talents and passion of our dedicated staff.

staff shot.jpg

Leaders in Roasting
& Innovation 

Supplying more than 6,000 food service customers in over 20 countries with our integrated supply chain.


A proven track record with top tier brands with infrastructure to support the largest businesses.


World class
in-house marketing

We have always been proud to control our marketing function internally and as a result, we are closer to our brand and more importantly to our customers.

"This is 

- Al Pacino

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Charity Partners

Supporting good causes, great people and inspiring ideas.

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