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We recognise that with great success comes great responsibility. Being part of a bigger cause has always been important to the whole team at Vittoria. Giving back and supporting those most in need forms part of our day-to-day activity. 

Our philanthropic approach to our work extends beyond our shores and is a focus of all our working environments globally. We nurture a partnership approach with each charity to ensure our support is being directed and used in the most beneficial ways.

Contributing to causes locally and abroad

Charity Partners

Our supportive work also extends across categories from environmental sustainability to global health issues and support of those who are most vulnerable.

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Vittoria Coffee is a proud partner of OzHarvest. OzHarvest is a charity that feeds people in need. Every week OzHarvest collects over 25 tonnes of excess food and delivers it to people in need. OzHarvest have delivered over 10 million meals to disadvantaged and homeless people in the 7 years that the charity has been running.


OzHarvest delivers food to over 398 charities who feed thousands of people around the Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane areas. Vittoria Coffee supports OzHarvest through financial donations and is also actively involved in OzHarvest events and ongoing initiatives.

We donate $1 from every 1kg of Vittoria Organic Coffee going straight to their food rescue program. This donation supports OzHarvest in collecting and redistributing excess food from across the industry, saving it from waste and redirecting it to nourish those most in need.


The Curran Foundation

The Curran Foundation is an independent charitable foundation supporting Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital. Vittoria Coffee is proud to support the foundation over the past few years, through substantial donations which has assisted in the recruitment of state-of the-art medical and surgical equipment and facilities.


Through our donations, we've been able to help the Curran Foundation purchase Capsule Endoscopy equipment that allows for non invasive diagnosis of the intestinal tract. The patient simply swallows the camera/sensor capsule which is about the size of a large pill and a complete picture of the intestinal tract is provided, to make diagnosis of  astro intestinal disease much easier.

We also donated funds for an Icycler MyiQ real time detection system for bowel cancer, it may be a complex name but it does a very simple and worthwhile job, it rapidly and sensitively detects the early warning signs of bowel cancer.


Cambodian Children's Trust

Vittoria Food and Beverage is working with CCT to set up a Café and Barista Training School. Vittoria Coffee are not only sponsoring the entire project and providing training for CCT's staff in Sydney, but they are also committed to being involved in the project's ongoing development.

The CCT Café will provide jobs for local youth and give them experience in practical small business management. It will also generate a new and constant source of income for CCT, contributing to our overall sustainability.

The Barista School will provide members of the wider Battambang community with access to a unique vocational training opportunity, free of cost. CCT's young adults will be able to use the training at CCT's Barista School as a possible means of supporting themselves while studying away from home. It will also provide members of the wider community with the experience they need to ultimately establish their own unique small business enterprises.

The Barista School will offer extensive hospitality training, as well as training in coffee machine maintenance, repair and servicing.


Tour De Cure

Vittoria Coffee gets on the road to curing cancer. The Tour De Cure, marathon annual bike ride is committed to helping Australian men, women and children with cancer.


Vittoria Coffee is a corporate sponsor of Tour De Cure and provides ongoing support including financial donations as well as providing the Vittoria Coffee mobile van which follows riders throughout the whole marathon bike ride to ensure they could enjoy the perfect cup of Vittoria Coffee at all times along the way.

Thanks to the generous support of other Australian companies and citizens, Tour De Cure raises millions to help find a cure for cancer. Donate and be a part of the cure.

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